Green Energy Hydraulic Water Pump Ram Pump Rampump Waterpower Driven Only

Green Energy Hydraulic Water Pump Pumps water with NO Fuel, NO Gas, NO Electricity needed! Using for watering plants and animals or for fishers.

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FX21 Green Energy Hydraulic Water Pump Ram Pump Rampump Waterpower Driven Only

Hydraulic Ram Water Pump (also Ram Pump or Rampump)
- this hydraulic ram pump is self driven only by waterpower.

Simple but durable Ram Pump for irrogation Garden, House and Animals.This is a self running water pump. without electric or fuel energy soruce. It uses the water energy itself to pump water much higher than it falls. It is a real green sustainable energy pump. simple but powerful and durable. Easy to install and run. Made with more than 10 years of experience. For insatalltion just need some pipes and falling water of 0,5m minimum hight. It is definetly NOT a free energy machine. It uses the power of falling hight energy and schock wave power of floating water. other names: Ram Pump irrigation Pompe Bélier Hydraulique Hydraulischer Widder Bomba de ariete hidráulico Sukocu. By/order cheap ram pump:

NO Fuel, NO Gas, NO Electricity needed!
- ideal for irrigation of fields, gardens, households, cow huts, fish ponds, etc.
- Additional, electrical or other auxiliary energy is NOT required.
- once set in motion, the ram runs all by itself.
- Pumping height or pumping power can be set manually.
- only running water is required for the operation.
- the minimum input falling water height of the so-called operating water is at least 0.5m.

The quantity of so-called operating water must be at least as much as the pipe always remains completely filled.
- if there is too little water, you can also use a collector or storage.
- the operational safety and performance are very high in this ram.

- A series or parallel connection of hydraulic rams is possible in order to achieve the greatest possible benefit!
- the technology of the water-resistant is centuries-old and very well-tried.
- this pump operates according to pressure impulse technology. On the Internet, there is a wealth of information on how it works and how it can be used.

Technical data:
- Weight: approx. 7 kg
- Height feeding Water (operating water) 1 to 10 m
- Tube diameter inlet 50mm pipe (2 ")
- Pipe diameter on the pump side 3/4 "
- Dimensions approx. 450 x 140 x 240mm
- Pump height approximately 10 times the working water drop height.
- Sales / delivery as shown.