Nitinol Wire 0.3mm diameter shape memory shape memory alloy fuxus®

Nitinol is a so-called shape memory alloy. It is able to reform itself into a previously saved shape at a certain temperature. This form, which it then adopts, can be saved in almost any way beforehand.

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Nitinol shape memory wire Shape Memory Alloy 1m length and 0.3mm thickness

Nitinol is the name of a so-called shape memory alloy.
These are able to reform at a certain temperature.
The shape that it then takes can be saved in almost any way beforehand.
This is also called "training".
In the "cold" state, Nitinol can be easily deformed.
As soon as it is exposed to a defined temperature, it immediately returns to its stored form.
This wire has a rebound temperature of around 70 ° C +/- 5 °.
Price is for 1 meter each.

So that you can have years of fun with the product and not experience disappointment,
please note the following.
Nitinol can be deformed and restored to its stored form by heating.
Nitinol can perform this function millions of times.
In fact, the function gets even better over time.
However, Nitinol is NOT limitlessly deformable!

You can ONLY have years of fun if you follow a few essential operating instructions.
Please pay attention to the following information:
- do not test with an open flame (the saved shape can be deleted)
- Do not deform when it is warm, let it cool down first
- Only deform until a significantly higher resistance can be felt

1m long and 0.3mm thickness