Green Energy Hydraulic Water Pump Ram Pump Rampump Waterpower Driven Only fuxus®

fuxus® Green Energy Hydraulic Water Pump Pumps water with NO Fuel, NO Gas, NO Electricity needed! Up to 40m pumping hight possible. Using for watering plants and animals or for fishers.

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FUXUS® Green Energy Hydraulic Water Pump Ram Pump Rampump Waterpower Driven Only

Hydraulic Ram Water Pump (also Ram Pump or Rampump)
- this hydraulic ram pumps water up to 40 m high. It is itself driven only by water.

NO Fuel, NO Gas, NO Electricity needed!
- ideal for irrigation of fields, gardens, households, cow huts, fish ponds, etc.
- Additional, electrical or other auxiliary energy is NOT required.
- once set in motion, the ram runs all by itself.
- Pumping height or pumping power can be set manually.
- only running water is required for the operation.
- the minimum input falling water height of the so-called operating water is at least 0.5m. The quantity of so-called operating water must be at least as much as the pipe always remains completely filled.
- if there is too little water, you can also use a collector or storage.
- the operational safety and performance are very high in this ram.

- A series or parallel connection of hydraulic rams is possible in order to achieve the greatest possible benefit!
- the technology of the water-resistant is centuries-old and very well-tried.
- this pump operates according to pressure impulse technology. On the Internet, there is a wealth of information on how it works and how it can be used.

Technical data:
- Weight: approx. 10kg
- Height feeding Water (operating water) 1 to 5 m
- Max. Pump height of pumped Water 40 m
- Tube diameter inlet 50mm pipe (2 ")
- Pipe diameter on the pump side 3/4 "
- Dimensions approx. 450 x 140 x 240mm
- Pump height approximately 25 times the working water drop height.
- Sales / delivery as shown.